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      01.  "Is it Heavy?"

      These pieces are all made with real stones - if they are large, they are probably heavy, if they are small, they aren't very heavy.  I work to use the right sized cord or chain so the necklaces are more comfortable to wear.  I also work to make sure they sit at the right length on the average neck to be comfortable.

      02.  "An item I wanted sold out but I really love it! Can you make it again?"

      All items are one of a kind and cannot be made again due to the unique nature of each stone.

      03.  "What is it made of?"

      I use a proprietary clay that is incredibly strong (unlike ceramic or polymer clay).  Care should be taken when wearing it as it can break when subjected to extreme durress (hitting or dropping on a hard object.)

      04.  "Do you ship internationally?"

      Yes we do!  There is a flat $20 shipping fee for all international orders.  All Customs forms will be filled out as required and any duties will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  

      05.  "What happens if it arrives broken?"

      We do our best to package these well enough that nothing should ever break.  If something does get damaged in transit, please send pictures within 3 days of receipt to and we will issue a store credit or refund.

      06.  "Can I exchange it?"

      We are not able to issue refunds, but if you receive your item and would like to exchange it for another piece of the same value, please email us within 3 days of receipt to  Sorry, no items that have been worn can be returned or exchanged.  Please note that you will be responsible for all shipping charges. 

      07.  "Can it be repaired?"

      Repairs can be made for a small fee.  Unfortunately I am not able to repair broken stones.  Please email us with pictures and a description of the repair to be made to and we will let you know if the repair can be made and what the cost would be.  Please note that you will be responsible for all shipping charges. 


      A Little Bit About the Jewelry:

      All stones are individually selected and the jewelry is formed by hand by the Artist, Michele Singer in her Northern California Studio.

      This is truly:

         * Handmade.

         * One of A Kind. 

         * Wearable Art.

      These pieces are ART first, jewelry SECOND.


      This art jewelry is not plastic or metal, and should be worn with extra care and LOVE.

      Stones cannot be repaired, so please handle and wear with care! 

      If worn without care (left on while bathing or swimming, worn next to other pieces of jewelry that will knock into it, not held closely to the body when leaning) the painted finish may break down much faster than from natural wear and tear and may cause the stones to break, crack, chip, etc.

      Although the propriety clay these are made with is extremely durable, it can still crack under extreme duress.  Repairs are available for a small fee.