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      Kind Rocks was created by Michele Singer out of an insatiable desire to create beautiful and unique wearable art that makes people happy and starts conversations.

      She started making jewelry back in 1996 as a creative escape from her day job in corporate finance.  This passion later grew into supplying art galleries in California and Hawaii with her one of a kind pieces. 

      As her life transitioned from accounting to Art Gallery owner and Jewelry Designer into Interior Designer, she started making pieces to wear created from what fascinated her as a child - crystals.

      "I couldn't believe how people responded to them!  They resonated with such a wide demographic - frankly I was surprised!  My intention wasn't to go back into jewelry design - though it has always brought me joy to create beautiful pieces.   I just wanted to have something different to wear.  These pieces started conversations and clearly brought others joy - I knew the universe was telling me it was time to get back into jewelry."

      The Mission of Kind Rocks is to create unique wearable art that brings people joy while donating a portion of sales every quarter to children, animal, and abused women charities.

      "Making beautiful jewelry that brings joy to both the wearer and the people around them makes me happy.  I am always amazed at the conversations that start when people see my jewelry being worn.  There is always a great story about crystals or a friend that loves crystals.  I know I always feel more powerful, joyous, and grounded when I wear them. 

      The decision to donate a portion of sales to a different charity every quarter gave rise to the name.  Kind Rocks.  The world is just a better place when we all choose to be kind.   Being kind rocks.  It isn't always easy, I have to bite my tongue around some people - but it isn't worth decreasing my sparkle to be mean or rude.

      The "kind tribe" is about finding positive like-minded people that believe in lifting each other up.  Helping each other where we can and kicking ass at being kind.  Life is too short to be anything else.  Live without regret."